The Lost Tribe

Ex-Mormon-lesbian-atheist Sue Ann Post has molded a career as an award-winning stand-up comic from the lurid and toxic brew of tales from her childhood and adolescence… tales of a lesbian Mormon. In Australia, she is one of a kind.

When Sue Ann ran, screaming, from the Mormon Church she was shunned by her family. She has been an outsider ever since and when she demanded to be excommunicated on the national talk show Denton she finished the job. Sue Ann’s comic career reinforced a wall that buries the past she has never confronted: a raw nerve of unresolved trauma and loss that haunts her always. She misses her mother, her siblings and, in some ways, her church

One night after her sell-out one woman show G Strings and Jock Straps she is approached by a representative of Affirmation an organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Mormons and invited to attend their annual conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sue Ann accepts. But, as the trip looms ever nearer on the horizon she begins having night sweats as the terror of confronting all the she has turned her back on builds. Now Sue-Ann is headed to Salt Lake City to perform to a conference teeming with (predominately devout, excommunicated) gay Mormons. In Salt Lake she falls into a peculiar and confronting mix of people leading to a series of extraordinary and unexpected events

The Lost Tribe is an observational documentary following Sue-Ann’s funny, bizarre, and confronting journey to Mormon Zion and an intimate portrait of one of the worlds least understood religions.